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Marking menu wizard in Maya, made by AMC Lab

This script allows you to change the default contextual marking menu in Maya. Andrei Rădoi, Senior Environment Artist in AMC, created this script to enhance the efficiency of your modelling works and for customising your tools so as you can find it easily. Installation: First, close the Maya if it’s already open. Automatic (just for […]

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The GDC Experience of an AMC Tech Artist

Andrei Dănescu, AMC Tech Artist, went to Game Developers Conference 2019. He’s back with industry stories filtered through his sense of curiosity and passions.  Reason for travel? GDC. What’s a GDC? Game Developers Conference, it’s an annual event where studios and developers gather to share … Approved. Next in line! The US Visa officer is […]

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Shaping An Earth-like Planet in Substance Designer

Hello, I am Robert Tudor, Environment Artist in AMC. I’ll show you a fun exercise I did using Substance Designer, the creation of an earth-like planet. This is simply a way of doing it, I am not a planet builder expert, more of a fan.

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